Venture Off the Beaten Path – Discover More with Go Explore KC

Stop googling and wondering what to do, or where to eat in KC during this particularly unique summer, because the Go Explore KC Digital Passport is here! Let’s face it, summer is going to look different this year in Kansas City–and anywhere in the world, for that matter.   After months of sheltering in place, we Kansas Citians are yearning to explore the city once more, but our old routines have been disrupted, our way of life changed.  Well, have we got some good news for you: adventure is not lost! You can still discover and partake in the beautiful scenes, unique and vibrant tastes and locations of the metro at a level you feel comfortable with, and The Go Explore KC Digital Passport will show you how!

As you lift your spirits and/or fill your tummy via whatever Go Explore KC tour you choose, you’ll also be supporting local businesses at a time when they need it most. You’ll be navigating the city with a digital, paperless passport–protecting the earth and the clutter threshold of your purse or wallet all at the same time! And of course, you’ll be saving $$$ with the amazing 2-for-1 or BOGO specials offered at the restaurants and eateries featured in the exclusive Go Explore KC Club tours.  Saving your community, the earth, your purse or wallet, AND your sanity…need we say more?!

There’s a little something for everyone in the Go Explore KC Digital Passport tours. Many of them are totally free, and all are family-friendly.  Here’s the rundown of the freebies. The Outdoor Adventure tour will take you to local parks and nature sanctuaries that you might not have explored before, or old favorites you may have forgotten about.  For those of us desperate for a change of scenery, these natural beauties will be a sight for sore eyes.  Longing for the urban scene? Try the free Murals tour–perfect for photo ops–that showcase colorful scenes reminding us of good times (Go Chiefs!) and giving out good vibes. Want to try some unique cuisine without setting foot in a restaurant, while still exploring a new area of the metro? The free Food Truck tour just might become your new obsession! How about a nostalgic blast from the past? Drive-in or dine-in for a milkshake, burger and more with the Retro Eats and Treats tour as your guide!

The exclusive Go Explore KC Club tours will make you a KC insider and will save you some serious dough as you satisfy your cravings. ALL of these tours feature special offers and BOGOS to sweeten the deal.  Speaking of sweet, who doesn’t love ice cream or icy treats on a hot summer day? The Sweet Treats tour will take you all across the city for quick stops for sweet scoops.  Tired of trying all the same-old places when you want to grab some carry-out? The Take-Out tour will help you discover different delights and local faves so you can bring the best eats of KC home to your kitchen table.

Oh, and we forgot to mention the prizes you can earn after visiting at least five locations on a tour! And the free Charlie Hustle tee for Club members! See, KC?  A summer of adventure still awaits! All you need is your phone and your appetite, and a spirit of exploration! Stay tuned for a deep-dive of each of the tours, and be on the lookout for even more tours on the horizon for the fall.  In the meantime, Go Explore KC!

Photography by Diana O’Dell Photography