Kansas City’s Vintage Diners and Drive-Ins 

We all long for the “good ol’ days” from time to time, but 2020 might be the year in which we find ourselves wishing for an actual time machine more than ever.  While we at Go Explore KC can’t provide you with a Back to the Future style DeLorean (flux capacitor and all), we can help you take a trip down the Metro’s memory lane as you check off the stops of our FREE Retro Drive-Ins tour! Serving up all your favorite classic comfort foods from milkshakes to mushrooms, these vintage KC diners and drive-ups will take you back in time and treat your taste buds! Don’t forget to score your free prize after you visit 5 of these local gems! 

HiBoy DriveIn

Once hailed as “Hometown Burger Heaven” by the Kansas City Star, HiBoy remains a city favorite for mom-and-pop style burgers, fries, and more, to boot! Walk-up to the window at the Blue Ridge Cutoff location in Independence–a KC original since 1957–and order a fresh limeade, classic cone, or a Coke to go with your burger and onion rings. 

Harold’s Drive-In

Next up, another retro favorite that’s been around since 1958. Let Harold’s cook you up some breakfast, burgers, fries, ice cream, or other classic favorites, served up counter-style like the good old-fashioned diner it is! Check them out on Admiral Blvd. in KCMO!

Paul’s Drive-InPaul's Drive In

Paul’s Drive-In is an old-school burger joint promising a cozy atmosphere and delicious malts, onion rings and more! Meet with friends or bring the family and enjoy your favorite classic-eats from this friendly local haunt located on Blue Ridge Blvd in Kansas City, Missouri.


Fire up your Studebaker and turn up the Rock’n’Roll as you cruise into this classic, genuine drive-in restaurant! Coast up East 23rd Street in Independence, roll down your windows and order a homemade Mugs Up Root Beer alongside your Zip burger and cheese fries!

Humdinger Drive-In

Another old-school drive-in, ready to make you a quick and delicious meal in KCMO! Home of the Big Kahuna sandwich, chili dogs, tacos, tenderloins and more, Humdinger is the place to be for satisfying, vintage fast-food.

Georgetown Pharmacy

While Georgetown Pharmacy in Merriam provides prescriptions, medical supplies, and the typical pharmacy items you might expect to see at such a place, they’re also home to a secret retro KC gem: a vintage soda fountain! Pull up a seat next to the bar and enjoy the fizzy goodness!


Since 1954, families have been making cherished memories at Frtiz’s in Kansas City, Kansas! Order breakfast or any of your classic American burger-joint faves, then wait in anticipation to watch the vintage train cleverly rigged from the ceiling deliver your meal straight to your table! 

Big Boy 

Big Boy boasts the best onion rings in town, and pledges to make you a delicious, famous tenderloin sandwich, burger, or more in a way that’s both fast and fresh! Once you try Big Boy in Independence, you’ll be back for more!

Paul's Drive InTown Topic

The iconic Town Topic in downtown KC opened way back in 1937, and continues to be a crowd favorite here in Kansas City.  This little diner on Broadway has it all: the quintessential atmosphere of an authentic American diner, great food, and friendly faces. Step up to the counter for a trip back in time!