How It Works

To participate in the digital passport you must create a free profile.

1. Turn device location services “ON”

2. Visit

3. Click “Sign Up” or “Register” in the main menu (top right corner)

4. Complete the Free member online form

5. Create a username and password

6. Log-In to your new profile and begin


Unlock Premium Benefits By Becoming A Go Explore KC Club Member: 

To become a member and unlock premium tours and benefits you must sign up for monthly or yearly subscription.

1. Visit

3. Click “Sign Up” for $9.99 a month or $99 per year.

4. Complete the member online form

5. Create a username and password

6. Log-In to your new profile and begin!

Stamp Your Passport:

Earn a stamp by visiting any of the specific locations at Simply turn your location services on in your mobile device settings, go to the destination of choice on the passport and click “I’m Here”. You will be prompted to answer a multiple-choice question specific to that location. With the correct answer, you will earn a stamp for that location. Earn 5 location passport stamps or more to unlock your prize for that tour.

Earning Prizes:

After earning at least 5 location stamps for each tour, you will unlock a special prize. Prizes are different for each individual tour. They will be mailed to the address you submitted during your account setup so be sure your information is correct! You should anticipate receiving your prize in the mail or e-mail after you have collected your passport stamps.


Discover Kansas City with the GO Explore KC Digital Passport Program. A paper-free passport at your fingertips anywhere, anytime. No more hassle of having to remember a punch card, membership card or paper passport with accumulated stamps! Simply turn your location services on, visit locations along the suggested tour and earn stamps at each location. Earn at least five passport stamps to win a prize!



Does the passport cost anything to participate?

No. Digital Passport is free and can be accessed through any web browser. If you want to unlock premium benefits and tours, become a Go Explore KC Club member.

Do I have to create a profile to use the passport?

Yes.  In order to check-in at locations, earn stamps, and win your prize, you need a profile to participate.

Do I have to create a new profile for each trip?

No.  One user profile will allow you to participate in all active tours, and will continue to count your earned stamps for each trip until completion.

Can I earn stamps without visiting the location?

No.  The passport program uses geolocation to determine when you have arrived.  Upon arrival, you will need to answer a question specific to that location to earn a stamp.

Will I win a prize for earning stamps?

Yes! There is a different prize given for each tour. Once you earn at least 5 stamps on your tour of choice, we will mail or e-mail your prize indicated within the tour details.

How many locations do I need to visit to get a prize?

Earn 5 stamps per trip (minimum) to win your prize.  (Limit one prize per user profile upon completion.) 

How long are the passport tours valid?

FREE TOURS: Retro Eats & Treats  |  Outdoor Adventures  |  KC Murals:  Expires 5/31/2021

PAID TOURS: Please see individual tour descriptions for the valid tour dates.

When can I expect my prize?

You can expect your prize within 10-14 business days after you Claim Your Prize.

Can I redeem multiple offers at a restaurant?

In order to support our local restaurants during this time, we ask that you limit your coupons and offers to 1 per visit.