Support Local Food Trucks This Summer

If you’re avoiding long wait times at brick-and-mortar locations but still want someone else to do the cooking, we recommend supporting local food trucks. We’ve procured a list of some of our favorite food trucks Kansas City has to offer. Sample a variety of cuisines at these mobile eateries. Cooking up uniquely crave-worthy combos, classic comfort food, yummy desserts, authentic street fare and so much more, these food trucks are sure to satisfy. We’ll be sharing these food truck locations on our social media outlets, for the next three months to help support small businesses! 

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#1 Amber Scullery

Harry Potter themed food truck by Chef Lady Brown with modern soul food, Cajun, southern and Midwest cooking. 

Website | 1910 Haskell Ave. Suite 2 – Carry-Out & Curbside

#2 Smoke-n-Seoul

We take Kansas City BBQ flavors and mix it with traditional Korean dishes to make something excited that we can share with our community and beyond.

Website | 7.29 – Grayson Place Neighborhood in Olathe 5-7:30 pm 

#3 Cheesy Street

We are a mobile food cart that specializes in grilled cheese. We make our own, delicious tomato basil soup that pairs with our grilled cheese.


#4 Cupcakin’ Bakery “The Pink Cupcake Truck”

Our cupcake bakery is locally owned and operated by Erica Harris with the help of her daughters. Under her supervision, we are known for our original cupcake flavors, chocolate-covered strawberries, customized lollipops.

Website | 7.25 Overland Park Convention Center 11-7 | 7.26 Overland Park Convention Center 11-5

#5 The Waffler

The Waffler consists of a mother-son team who after years of different careers (banking, construction, illustration, emergency medical and a cumulative 25+ years serving/cooking and bar-tending) found their calling in the food truck game.


#6 Deez Nachos

We took two family favorites and fused them into a new genre of good eats! The Loaded Nacho, with Brisket, Pulled Pork, Or Pulled Chicken and Homemade queso, BBQ Sauce and Salsa! A great spin on handheld classics!


#7 Jack’s Kettle Corn & Lemonade

We specialize in Old Fashioned Kettle Corn, Fresh Squeezed Lemonade, Pork Rinds, and Dippin’ Dots! We have a 10 second per customer pace!


#8 Cajunation KC

Eat Local. Eat Cajun. Patrick Gosserand and Sylvia Jennings combine their expertise to bring you delicious Cajun dishes.

Website | 7.31 Jowler Creek Winery

#9 Paseo Grill

Paseo Grill, where the food is made with love.


#10 The Melt Truck

Seth and Alicia are the proud owners of The Melt Truck offering delicious homemade grilled sandwiches, mac n cheese, amazing nachos, and gooey butter cake!

Website | 7.28 Stone Pillar Winery 6-9 | 7.30 KC Wine Co 12-6

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