7 Ways to Support Your Favorite Businesses Today

Support Local Favorites

During this worldwide pandemic, Kansas Citians must remember the wise words of Travis Kelce, “You Gotta Fight, For Your Right, To Party.” Kansas City, it’s time to step up and support the local businesses that make this city so unique, so special and truly the greatest city in the world. Here are 8 ways you can support local Kansas City businesses, from the safety and comfort of your own home.

  1. Order Carry-Out, Curbside or Delivery. There are hundreds of restaurants across the metro that are offering to-go services. If you’re still unsure if getting carry-out at your favorite restaurant is considered “essential,” you’re in luck, because most of your local favorites are now offering curbside pick up and even delivery, so you can get your favorite meal without any human contact. When you’re ordering take out, considering picking up for a friend or neighbor and leaving it on their porch. You can find a list of participating restaurants HERE
  2. Leave a Generous Tip. With restaurants being forced to close their doors due to COVID-19 many were forced to let-go the majority of their staff, they most likely lost a lot of their food products, and it has had a significant impact on the service and hospitality industry professionals. If you are able, consider leaving a generous tip to help offset some of these costs and show your appreciation for those that are making this possible.  
  3. Purchase Gift Cards. Many restaurants, shops and boutiques offer the purchase of gift cards either online, over the phone or curbside. Buy a gift card now and use it later, stock up on gifts for friends and family, or consider purchasing gift cards and donating them to members of the service, hospitality, and retail industry who may be out of work. Another idea is to donate gift cards to first responders and hospitals who are on the front lines of this pandemic.
  4. Shop Online. Your favorite shops, boutiques, salons and services were also forced to close and many of them and their employees are out of work. Check in with your local favorites and purchase your items from their website or purchase gift cards that you can use at a later date. Don’t forget about your photographers, auto mechanics, babysitters, cleaning services and more! 
  5. Reserve Your Holiday Parties and Events. It’s never too early to put your deposits down on upcoming holiday parties and events. By securing your spots now, you will be helping to keep your favorite businesses open come holiday time. 
  6. Social Sharing. During your social distancing you can continue to show your love and support through social sharing. Share your favorite memories and meals on social media and tag your favorite local businesses. Check in on your favorite restaurant or boutiques social media accounts and like, comment and share their posts. This is simple, free and will definitely brighten someone’s day. 
  7. Giveaways, Freebies & More. Another reason to be keeping up with your favorite restaurants and shops is that there are a TON of giveaways and deals happening all over KC. Many places are offering insane deals on gift card purchases, deep discounts on to-go, delivery and even beer, booze and wine! 
  8. KC Pride. This quarantine can have you feeling isolated and lonely, but don’t forget there is a whole city out there waiting to serve you and offer you the best experiences when all this passes. Throw on your favorite KC swag, your Chiefs and Royals gear, or your favorite Charlie Hustle tee as a reminder that you, along with 1.5 million other incredible people make up the heart of KC. While we may be down, we are not out and if anyone knows how to rally, it’s Kansas City. #KCStrong